This project involved creating a logo and supporting brand elements for Anna & Dotty Upholstery. A new business which brings life to old furniture, promotes sustainability and recycled fabrics. The client wanted the design to reflect some of their family heritage.
The concept is built on family heritage with a contemporary twist. The typeface has ‘cut’ aspects and looks similar to cut ribbon or fabric. The window is an icon to convey that the business is the ‘home’ of upholstery.
The icon is drawn from the windows of San Leucio. A silk mill on the outskirts of Caserta in Italy where the clients' family is originally from. I thought there was a nice link with family heritage plus the fact that it is still used as a silk museum, so fabric lives on. The result is an icon with a nod to tradition but also has a contemporary feel.
The coloured shapes are created from the inner sections of the icon. These together with the icon, create a mix of traditional and contemporary styles.
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